This is a biggie. Don't sweat.

You're going to learn Scratch. You've got the basics, but you're going to dive more deeply into it. I've added two links below that have lots of helpful videos.

In addition to that, I want you to dig through the Tips section of the online editor. Most importantly, play around with it. You'll figure it out.

You need to create the following scripts:

  • a script with a cat chasing a dog. When the cat catches the dog, the dog disappears. Pressing the Green Flag will reset the script
  • a game where the user has to click on things that are moving in order to make them disappear

Sample cat chaser:

Attack of the Space Chins:


Press the green flag to start. Move your mouse over the chins. Press space to fire.

Here's an example using signals:

When you are done, upload both scripts to your digital locker and include them in a blog post.