In this project, you will be giving instructions on how to complete a process using pictures and words. Your final project will be a blog post.

You will need to pick a process that you know a good deal about and that you can photograph yourself completing. Possible processes include:
  • making a paper airplane
  • making a sandwich
  • walking from one place to another
  • completing a particular swimming stroke
  • doing a dance move (you could literally teach me how to Dougie)
  • tie your shoes
  • Any other process you can think of that requires about five steps

General steps for this project
  • Write instructions for each step of the process
    • You can do this on paper first, to make sure the instructions are of high quality.
  • Take pictures of yourself completing each step
  • Upload the photos and edit them as you see fit
  • Make a blog post that interweaves the text that you've written with the photos you've taken
  • Fill in the form when you are done.
  • Ask as many questions as you see necessary. Make sure you ask your classmates for help before. Three before me.