Now that we've played around with various editors, we're going to dive deeply into the technology and try to understand how a computer really operates. We're going to make computer programs.

Go to the Scratch Project Editor. It's purely online, so you don't need to download anything.

Click on Tips in the menu or The question mark at the right


Click "step by step intro"

Follow through the steps. You'll be making your cat dance, adding a background, and adding another sprite.

When you're finished, click Download to your computer under the file menu


After you've downloaded it to your Chromebook, upload it to your digital locker. You may also make a copy on a flash drive if you have one. A flash drive might be useful for working on your Scratch project.

Once you've completed all the steps in the Tutorial, save your project, put it in your digital locker, and put it in a blog post.

You can put your projects here since kidblog won't let you upload them.

If you need to login use:
password: fowlesfunnyface