Now we're going to do something simple. Pure audio.

1. Go to Dennie Hoopingarner's Flex/Flash recorder.

2. Click on record


3. Start talking. For now, keep it short.

4. Click stop when you're done. You can press play to listen to your recording to see if you're happy.

5. If you're happy, click on encode. You'll see some numbers rapidly approaching 100. When the audio is encoded, click on Save.

6. The Save window comes up. Give your file a unique name, BUT DO NOT DELETE THE .mp3 ending.

7. Once it's saved, go to your Digital Locker and upload the file. You should know how to do this by now.

8. Once it's in your locker, go to you blog and make a new post. Click the "insert file from digital locker" link just like you were going to insert a picture. Instead, click on the audio file. It won't embed a player, or anything, it'll just make a link.

9. Make your post and you're done!