Ever wanted to hear your voice come from a computerized avatar? Now's your chance.

1. Go to Voki. This link will take you right to the creator.

2. You'll need to pick a "free" character. Click on the character selector.


3. Scroll up until you see the characters WITHOUT little icons in the upper-right corner. You can see them in the above screenshot. You can also click on "Fantasy" and "Toons" to get some different characters. Click those arrows going in either direction to see a wide array of characters. Remember, your character can't have an icon in the upper-right corner.

4. Play around until your character looks how you want it, then click done.

5. Now we're going to add YOUR voice. Click on the microphone.


6. Some permission boxes will come up. Click Allow.

7. When you are ready, click record. When you're done recording, press Stop. The site will play back your recording for you. You can always re-record. Click save when you're done.

8. When you've recorded your audio, click the little green Done box at the bottom. Then you can choose a new background for your Voki if you'd like. There are many to choose from.

9. Click publish.


10. Give your voki a name. It doesn't really matter because we won't be using it.

11. When the box comes up asking you to register, click on "No, thanks" then click "Close"

12. You'll see this:


13. Click on the play button beneath your Voki to hear it speak.

14. Click on the blue "copy" button above the embed code.

Now we're going to put your voki on your blog. Go to your blog on Gaggle.

  1. Once you are on your blog, click on New Post
  2. In the Title box: Give your post a title
  3. Click on the Insert object tab (the tab with the arrow on it).
  4. Click on the arrow and scroll down to External Object.
  5. Click in the box
  6. Press Ctrl +V to paste (the Ctrl button and V button together)
  7. Click Insert Object
  8. Click Enter
  9. Go back to your Voki
  10. Now go to the bottom of your publish page,where it says Or, get your Voki link here and click on the arrow
  11. Scroll down to and click on Standard Voki link
  12. Highlight and copy the link that appears in the box below ( Highlight link and click Ctrl + C)
  13. Go back to your blog.
  14. Click Ctrl + V to Paste the link into the box.
  15. Highlight the link
  16. Click the link tab at the top of page (tab with the chain on it).
  17. In the URL box, Click Ctrl +V
  18. Click Set
  19. Click Post Blog Entry.
  20. Click Yes.

Since we didn't make an account, you can't go back and edit your Voki. So, if you want to change it, you have to start again. For now, we won't be using this tool enough to warrant creating an account.

Great job!

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