Now that we know how to work with the cameras and upload photos, let's have some fun.

password: fowlesfunnyface

1. Take a series of 5-10 photos. You can choose whatever theme you'd like. Possible themes include:
  • Class noses
  • Class feet
  • Teen fashion
  • Educational architecture
  • Summer Leadership Life
  • Anything else (as long as you get it approved by a teacher)

2. Remember, if you are unhappy with a photo you have taken, you can take another. That's the beauty of digital photography. When I was a kid, cameras used film, and film cost money. Therefore, we were much more cautious about our photo choices. You have the luxury to indulge yourself. Make use of that.

3. Put the camera next to your Chromebook. Now go to Animoto.

4. Click on Sign Up

5. Here's the tricky part. You have to make an account. USE YOUR GAGGLE EMAIL TO MAKE THIS ACCOUNT. DO NOT PUT YOUR REAL NAME. CHOOSE A PASSWORD YOU WILL NOT FORGET (perhaps your Gaggle password).

6. Check in with the teacher when you've made an account.

7. When you're ready, click on the Create button in the upper-right corner. A box with different themes will pop up. Pick one you like, then click Create Video.

8. Take the memory card out of your camera and put it in the Chromebook (see module 4 if you need help remembering how to do this)

9. Go back to your browser. Click on "Add Pics and Vids" then "Upload Pictures and Video"

10. Navigate to your camera directory and check the boxes next to the photos you want to upload. It's better to upload more photos than you want, because you can always remove them later. When you are done, click Open. The photos will upload.

11. When the photos have uploaded, you'll see thumbnails on your screen. Drag them around to order them as you'd like. You can also add captions to each photo. This is a good practice. Caption all of your photos.

12. When you're done with your photos, click on "Add Text." A box will pop up with title and subtitle. Give your photostory a title. Don't worry about a subtitle unless you want to. Drag the title block to the front (far left) of the feed.

13. Happy? Click on "Preview Video" While the preview is generating, retype the Title in the title box. If you are happy, click produce. If you want to go back, click on "or continue editing." You may want to pick a new soundtrack. You do that by clicking at the top of the feed. Navigate through the songs and when you're happy click on "Add Song". Then repeat the production process.

14. You can also add a description if you'd like. Something like "I made this video for Summer Leadership Camp."

15. When you click on Produce, the video will process at a higher resolution. This will take a moment. You should end up with something like this:

16. Now we're going to add the video to our blog! Open up a new tab and log in to Gaggle. Go to your blog and add a new post.

17. Title the post "My Animoto Video"

18. Switch tabs to Animoto.

19. Click on More


20. Click on Embedded Video


21. Click on "Copy to clipboard"


22. Go back to your blog post. Click on the Insert Object Button


23. Click on the menu and select "External Object"

24. Put your cursor in the big box and paste your embed code by pressing Ctrl+V.


25. Click on Insert Object

26. All you'll see in the post editor is a blue box with a question park. Don't panic.

27. Go back to your Animoto page and click on More again. This time, we're going to copy and past the video URL.


28. Copy the URL to the clipboard, then paste it underneath the embedded blue question mark on your blog. You'll also need to paste that URL in the form below. When you are done, click on Post Blog Entry. Don't worry if you don't see your video on your Chromebook. You might need to use another computer to see it embedded within your blog.

complete this form: