Digital photography is one of the most revolutionary technologies that has ever been unleashed on the planet. We take for granted now the ability to see images from across the world, but not so very long ago this was not the case. In order to view a photograph from even your aunt across the state, you had to wait on the US Postal Service.

In this module, we're simply going to cover the process of taking a picture with a digital camera, uploading that photo to Gaggle, and posting it on your blog.

About your camera

Your camera is a Canon Powershot. It's a sturdy camera, but you should still treat it with care. Don't drop it. When you are using it, put your wrist through the holding cord. This will help you keep the camera aloft in the event of a sudden burst of gravity.

Take care that your camera has enough battery life. When the batteries are running low, the camera will let you know by flashing a red battery icon on the viewing screen. When that happens, continue to use the camera but make sure you have secured new batteries.

To change the batteries:
  • slide the battery cover to the right and let it pop up
  • remove the old batteries
  • replace them with new batteries. If the compartment is facing you, put the battery on the left in right-side up (with the bump up) and the battery on the right upside-down


How to use it

1. Turn your camera on using the power button located on the top. The lens should pop out, ready to take a picture. Make sure the camera is in "AUTO" mode.

2. Make sure you wipe the camera of all previous images before you use it. That will protect the privacy of the camera's previous user.

3. Point the camera at something interesting, and press the round shutter button on the top of the camera. Don't mash the button down too hard. You may have to wait a minute for the camera to focus on the subject of the picture. Make your pictures interesting. For now, put the main subject of the picture right in the middle of the frame. That will help the camera focus on it.

4. Take a picture of your nose.

5. Take a picture of your feet.

6. Turn your camera off by pressing the power button on the top.

7. Now comes a hard part. We're going to take the memory card out of the camera. You need to open up the battery compartment, press gently on the memory card until it clicks, then release it so the card pops out.


8. Remove the card and place it in the left side of the Chromebook. The card will not go all of the way into the Chromebook, nor will it click. Do not force it. If you have questions, ask your teacher.



9. When you have inserted the card, a window should pop up in the Chromebook listing the files. Switch windows using Alt+Tab to go back to your web browser screen.

10. Log in to Gaggle.

11. Click on Applications and Digital Locker.

12. We're going to upload your photos now. Click on "Add Files." A window will pop up that says Downloads and Canon_DC on the left. Click on Canon_DC and navigate until you find your pictures. Click on the checkboxes next to the pictures you want to upload (here specifically the photos of your nose and your feet) and click Open. Both photos will automatically upload to Gaggle! Remember which photo is which (you may need to write down the filenames and a short description of the photo in your notebook).

13. Now we're going to enhance your pictures. Double click on one of the photos and click "edit with aviary."

14. Click on Enhance. A menu will come up. Click Enhance again. Click Apply.

15. You can add other effects and stickers if you want, but you don't have to. The effects work just like Instagram, if you're familiar with that service. There is even an option to crop so you can get ride of unwanted parts of the picture.



16. When you are done working on your photo, click Save. Then click Close.

17. Repeat this process for your other photo.

18. When both photos are edited, click on Blogs in your Applications list. Click on "New Post"

19. Make the title "My experience with digital photography"

20. You can include whichever text you'd like. To insert your photos, click on the padlock icon in your post editor. A list of your files will come up. This is where it's important to remember which files are which, because you don't get a preview.

21. You can only insert one photo at a time, so you'll have to repeat this process for each photo.

22. When done, click on "Post Blog Entry"

Great job!!!!!!!!

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