Now that we've used our Chromebooks and set up our Gaggle, we're going to do some fun stuff with Gaggle. We're going to upload something to the digital locker, and we're going to make a blog post.

1. Log in to Gaggle

2. Click on Applications

3. Click on Digital Locker

4. Click on "New File" then "Text Document" Use "test document" for the name. Click New, then Edit File.

5. Type some stuff, then Save the document by clicking on the save icon, then close the window. That document is now securely stored in your digital locker. This is a good tool to use when working on writing assignments during the school year.

6. Right click on this grumpy cat and save him to the downloads folder. You accomplish that by right-clicking (using two fingers) and clicking "Save File As"

7. Back in your digital locker, click on "Add File" then click on Grumpy Cat. The image will be uploaded to Gaggle.

8. Now it gets really cool. Right click on the Digital Locker file for Grumpy Cat and then click "Edit with Aviary." You get a menu with many options for editing the picture. Play around with as many as you like. Definitely check out the Effects button, as that has many built-in photo filters. You can also add text. When you finish editing, click on Save. You now have an edited copy of the cat picture in your digital locker.

9. Now that we've done some work. Let's start our blog up so we can share it. Click on the Home tab, then Applications, the Blogs. Your blog will pop up.

10. In the top-right, click on "New Post." A text box for making a post will pop up. Give your post a title.

11. Write some text in the box. Just a quick hello is good. Or "Hello World."

12. Here's the cool part. We're going to put your grumpy cat in the blog post. Click on the lock icon that stands for digital locker. A list of your files will come up. Click on your grumpy cat. He will spring into your post like magic.

13. When you're done with your post, you need to use the scroll bar in the middle of the page to go to the bottom of the editing window. It's a bit confusing because there might be more than one scrollbar. Pull them all down until you see a button that says "Post Blog Entry." Click that button. When asked if you want your post sent to your Social Wall as well, click on yes. Your blog is now active. Great job.


1. Upload another copy of grumpy cat. This time, I want you to edit him to say "Grumpy Cat Loves Technology"
2. Using the e-mail client in Gaggle, send me a copy of your new grumpy cat. Email: Use "attach from locker" to get to you digital locker. If you can't figure out the email client, just make a blog post.

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