Welcome to Module 2. Here, you will learn about how to use your Gaggle e-mail address. It's actually more than an email address. You can do lots of cool things with it.

1. Click on the blue link above IN A NEW TAB. You do this my imitating a right mouse click by tapping the trackpad using two fingers. (Check touchpad tips for help).

2. Login using the information given to you by your teachers. If you haven't used Gaggle before, follow these steps after you've logged on.
  • Check out the Terms of Service and click on "Accept"
  • If prompted to, enter a new password

3. Congratulations! You're now on Gaggle. Let's make this a bit more personal. At the top-right, next to your name, click on "My Account." A tab should open up.

4. Click on the box next to Theme and pick one you like.

5. Now we're going to set up your Social Wall. Click on the "Home" tab.

6. Find the Social Wall box and click on "Setup Your Profile"

7. We're going to set up a profile photo for you. Open this link in a new tab.

8. Click on the "Ready? Smile" box in the middle

9. You may have to click "Allow" to get the camera running. Play around with the different photo styles until you find one you like. When you are ready, click on the camera icon at the bottom-right.
Be careful here. The Chromebook doesn't have a superfast processor, so you may want to pick a simpler photo style.

10. Once you've taken the photo, click on Save in the bottom-right. The website will call it "webcam-toy-photo1.jpg" That's fine. Leave it alone and save it to Downloads. Click on Save at the bottom-right.

11. Close the tab with Webcam Toy and go back to your social wall. Click on "Upload Photo" and click on the photo you just saved. It'll upload to Gaggle and it'll be your profile pic. Click on Save Settings.

12. Create a post on your social wall by typing something in the text box, then clicking on Submit.

13. Now we'll add friends. For now, stick to friends who are in your group. Click on the word Friends in the upper-right part of the Social Wall window. It will take you to a new page where you can click on "Add Friends"

14. Click on "Add Friends." Your school should come up with a list of students. Ask three students in the group which school they go to, find them, and add them as a friend on Gaggle. You can use this like Facebook.

15. Once you've added some friends, click back on the Home tab. The Social Wall widget should show your friends' posts.

16. Cool stuff, huh? Now let's fix what's on the home screen. At the top-right, click on "Edit Tabs." You can choose which boxes you want on your home tab. I suggest: Mail, Digital Locker, Social Wall, Weather Widget, Favorite Blogs, the Dictionary Widget from the Third Party box. When you've selected all the boxes you want, click on "Update." Back on the home tab, you can move the boxes around to your pleasure.

17. Let's call it a day on this module. 16 steps seem overburdening.

Module 2 assessment.

1. Add me as a friend on Gaggle. I work at Craigmont Middle School.
2. Make a blog post about your first day at Summer Leadership School.

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