Congratulations! You have a new Chromebook to use while you're at Summer Leadership School. It is a state-of-the-art laptop that is simple to use.

Let's check our Chromebooks out.

First, look here for Touchpad tips.

If you're reading this, then you've probably already logged on, so we COULD skip that part, but I'm going to include a bit here just for the sake of review.

1. When carrying the Chromebooks, always make sure you are holding it safely. You can tuck it under your arm like a book, but be certain that you hold it firmly. When holding it flat, make sure to use both hands.

2. Avoid operating the Chromebook while it is in your lap. Better to put it on a table.

3. Open the lid of the Chromebook.

4. Click on "Browse as Guest"

5. When the browser opens, go to

6. Click on the square icon in the upper-right corner to go full screen.

7. Click on the left-leaning rhombus near the top-left corner to open a new tab.

8. Notice that the long white rectangle (address and search bar) has a magnifying class. This means that you can either type a search string OR a web address. For now, type in Memphis City Schools and press Enter.

9. Now go back to your first tab. Close the second tab (the one with Memphis City Schools on it) by clicking on the x on the tab.

10. Now, we're going to shut down the Chromebook. Go to the bottom-right corner and click on Guest. Then, click on Exit Guest. That should take you to the login screen where you can shut the Chromebook, powering it off.

Great, now that you're done, complete this short quiz: